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Everyone should have a will.

[QUOTE I am now back home in Oz and it has been very hard to restrain my natural urges to under and overtake slow moving vehicles. The natural flow of traffic here is so restricted with the millions of signs and traffic control devices that I wish to be back where motorbikes are understood by other traffic. [/QUOTE]

Thanks for posting the video. I enjoy watching other bikers. Learning from their experiences.
I live in Idaho. (USA)
An example of what it is like here:
I passed a stopped car on the right, to be first at the light.

(In San Francisco, it is an very common thing.)


- But here in Idaho, it is not tolerated. I had a woman chase me for miles - honking her horn, shaking her fists at me. She was so angry, I had the nerve to cut in front of her at the light.

I can imagine what you are saying.
That the way people drive in foreign countries warrants a different style of riding.
I suppose I would adapt as well as I could. I would have to go there, to really understand what you mean.

But here. According to how I ride. I was pretty shocked at how close you were to the other vehicles. - In all your videos.
I live out in the middle of nowhere. I do not even like riding where I'm around another person. I enjoy solitary rides in the woods.
I can think twice now. Using your experience. - I want to stay alive.

I noticed when I was using a camera, when I ride, I tend to go faster and take more chances, to have a good show, to slap on You Tube.
I hope you are not getting addicted to being the guy with all the close call videos.

Wouldn't be worth it to me. I try to keep my ego in check and enjoy pulling into the garage at the end of the night. Alive...
Best of luck. Be safe as possible.
Your videos send shivers up my spine. I hope you have someone who can post your videos for you. - If you ever shoot, your last one.

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