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Originally Posted by shaddix View Post
I use my front brake with the wheel turned at parking lot speeds all the time. I think new riders should be taught how to do this as it will help break them of the tendency to grab the brake rather than smoothly applying it.
Exactly! - Although for a new rider, especially one who is short-of-leg and/or light weight relative to the height/mass of their motorcycle, emphasizing the need to have the handlebars square when coming to a stop is probably more important. The reasons for not doing so may have to do with other aspects of machine control, rider posture, etc. If you're not sure what is causing the problem, it may be difficult to fix. Smoothly applying the front brake rather than grabbing it is an important skill irrespective of whether someone has the bars turned. The OP's wife may be ready for an MSF experienced rider course or some other form of additional training.
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