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On their way!

Luke and his helpers have been grinding it out the last couple of weeks, here are a few recent pics that help tell the story.

Mr Fisherman came out and lent a helping hand;

Loud Al is a big part of the operation;

Loud Al in a quieter moment;

Another shot of Luke and Mr Fisherman, late at night Luke's eyes do begin to glow a faint red;

Almost ready, just a few more bits to be fabricated and a little more carb tuning;

The carb tuning tapped into Luke's vast well of patience, but he persevered and got it right. Here he pulls the carbs for the umpteenth time, no small task;

Yesterday, loading up;

Nice box;

About 4:30, I'm leaving for a grandson's basketball game, said my good byes thinking they would be done and gone when I got back;

I got home about 7:00, and Luke was still working. Turns out he had several more items to build or fix and so I asked what could I do? He quickly sketched out a GPS mount and said "go to it!" At 10:30 I finished the mount, he finished the fuel can tranfer caps he was machining from aluminum, and was in the final stages of loading when I went in to bed. Heard him pull out about an hour later, I'm sure he was dog tired!

Luke has done a masterful job of taking one of the most unlikely bikes on the planet and making a pretty competent off road beast out of it, I was skeptical at first but have now been won over. Sure hope he and all the OSR crew have a safe and successful trip.

Stay tuned for updates.
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