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Back to my original intent in this thread- I recently perused an article written by a gent who went to some 'extremes' to lighten his 12GS with intent of more efficient long distance travel. I can't remember where I saw the article- a bike mag or online??? I would like to find the article and read it in detail, find out what he did. I'm not looking to drop a few pounds, rather... many, 30-40-50-60 lbs?? In the late '90s I converted a '95 Ducati 900 SS/SP into a track bike. I managed to take 40+ lbs off a 400 lb bike. Worked nicely in the handling dept. On my '07 12GS I figure switching from Jesses to soft bags, plus replace stock muffler with something much lighter (can I still keep it quiet?) should be good for approx. a 30 lb reduction. Then go through farkle list and see what functions and what doesn't... I'll keep you posted.
There was an article in a British "BIKE" magazine a few months ago about lightening a 1200 GS. The author went to extremes: carbon fibre wheels and so on. He took a lot of weight off the bike! I think the drawback was the immense cost of the exercise.

I don't know if this was the article you read...

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