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So how worn is worn? I cant understand how some of you get 10K or more from a rear tire. Do you run it until the threads are close to showing,is there still a small amount of tread in the middle? I put just over 3500 miles on new Metz Me88's on a 01 E Glide and the rear is squared off from freeway runnin and bald on the contact patch. The tire was rebranded by Metz over the O/E sidewall spec with the max pressure or 50psi IIRC so thats what I run. I thought is was bad doin a Pirelli N/D every oil change on the Dyna but 3500 miles can be for real. Shinko's, Michelins? any advice? The Dunlops were better but not by much.

On the older Glides ( had one for many years, now have an '11 glide ) 4k or so it common milage. How I looked at was - Glides are around 800lbs and the rear tire on the older ones is relativly narrow , so they sqare off quickly and just can't last that long due to the weight and the smaller contact patch.

On the 11 I have now, the Glide weighs close to 800 fully loaded, but the tire is a lot wider and the compound in the center is harder. 11k on it the rear tire, it is not squared off and looks to be able to get more than 15k on it.
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