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Originally Posted by AzItLies View Post
And to someone else... no, you don't modulate the front brake, you either have ABS or you don't. Our full stopping power is both brakes to their fullest extent without locking up either tire.
Um, what? You don't need full stopping power every time you use the brakes. Most times you just need to gently shed a little speed, so you'd modulate the brake, not grab and squeeze to the fullest extent without locking up...

mod·u·late (mj-lt)
v. mod·u·lat·ed, mod·u·lat·ing, mod·u·lates
1. To adjust or adapt to a certain proportion; regulate or temper.
2. To change or vary the pitch, intensity, or tone of (one's voice or a musical instrument, for example).
3. Electronics
a. To vary the frequency, amplitude, phase, or other characteristic of (electromagnetic waves).
b. To vary (electron velocity) in an electron beam.

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