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Originally Posted by goodburbon View Post
Um, what? You don't need full stopping power every time you use the brakes. Most times you just need to gently shed a little speed, so you'd modulate the brake, not grab and squeeze to the fullest extent without locking up...

mod·u·late (mj-lt)
v. mod·u·lat·ed, mod·u·lat·ing, mod·u·lates
1. To adjust or adapt to a certain proportion; regulate or temper.
2. To change or vary the pitch, intensity, or tone of (one's voice or a musical instrument, for example).
3. Electronics
a. To vary the frequency, amplitude, phase, or other characteristic of (electromagnetic waves).
b. To vary (electron velocity) in an electron beam.

Okay, I'll take the time and explain this too, but you might want to take (or re-take) the class sometime...

In an Emergency situation, you're going to go with what your habits are, it will become like an instinct, without you having to think about it.

So someone pulls out in front of you, doesn't see you. Your habit is to (say) use one finger on the front brake only. Or maybe your habit is to just use the rear brake, or modulate the brakes... you get the idea.

And in the middle of this Emergency braking situation you realize... Oh SHIT! this is an emergency!!! I should be using both brakes to the fullest extent so I can stop!!! And right after that flashes through yer head is when you'll slam into the car...

But if yer habit had been to always use both brakes, that's what you would have done, and you may have avoided the crash all together or lessened the impact so that you walked away from it...

It's perfectly understandable that like in a parking lot you just drag the rear brake or something, I mean we're doing like 5mph. But out on public roads, when shit can and does happen, always have the habit of using both brakes.

It's like this; would you drive your car the way you do now if only 1 brake on 1 wheel was working? Of course not, if someone stops short in front of you, you'll probably run into them. So with your bike, always be prepared to use your full stopping power, in case you need it.

The car analogy is a good one because generally, the front brake is about 70% of our stopping power and the rear is 30%. 30 is about 25, thus 1 brake on 1 wheel working.

To clarify, the MSF is about "best practices". I mean, anybody can go and do whatever the hell they want. They are not the police. But what they are saying is if you want to have a long enjoyable motorcycling career, this is what they recommend.

Do it or don't do it, your call.

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