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Originally Posted by AzItLies View Post
It's perfectly understandable that like in a parking lot you just drag the rear brake or something, I mean we're doing like 5mph. But out on public roads, when shit can and does happen, always have the habit of using both brakes.
Nope, with two fingers I can unload my rear tire to the point that the throttle actually locks it. Those same two fingers are more than capapable of standing the bike on its nose.

I've actually started doing sort of a stab when I only use the rear while I'm clamping on the front, once I have the suspension compressed there is no more rear break.

Originally Posted by AzItLies View Post
The car analogy is a good one because generally, the front brake is about 70% of our stopping power and the rear is 30%. 30 is about 25, thus 1 brake on 1 wheel working.
Maybe on a Cruiser or long Touring rig, on a 55" sportbike if you are getting 10% out of the rear wheel you aren't breaking very hard.

Originally Posted by AzItLies View Post
To clarify, the MSF is about "best practices". I mean, anybody can go and do whatever the hell they want. They are not the police. But what they are saying is if you want to have a long enjoyable motorcycling career, this is what they recommend.

Do it or don't do it, your call.

MSF isn't the bible. They make a number of calls in order to prevent litigation and to preserve their equipment. All well and good, but as they tell you in MSF "congrats, you can now ride in a parking lot."

Things like four finger braking, never throttling with the brake covered, no trail braking. Things like that.
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Show folks something with a clutch and carburetor, and it's like teaching a baboon to use a Macbook.
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