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Originally Posted by cug View Post
That's why I suggested making it a nice weekend, maybe even a long weekend in a big city somewhere. Fly there on a Friday or even Thursday evening, take the wife, make appointments at as many of the dealers as you can to test ride most of the bikes that are interesting.

Then go and enjoy the weekend with the wife. Done. Combined something that seems to be bothering the OP to no end with a weekend in a potentially nice city that was worth traveling there just by itself ...
Oh there you go making sense again.

I still doubt he will be able to do any off road on any test. If I had tried the TriumphXC for a short
ride I don't think I would have been interested. After an hour in the saddle I got use to the seating
and thought "Maybe for this motor I could live with the set/peg relationship.

I also tend to be easily pleased and figure I can tweak most anything to fit if needed. Or just
buy the Tenere and be done.
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