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I just installed this kit on my 2012 990 R. It appears to be the ADVMachines kit, but I got it from Craig at CJ Designs because I was ordering some other stuff from him too (what an awesome guy - that Craig!) Getting the splitter connector connected to the the OEM fan connector was a real challenge for me. I used the coat hanger technique because my hands are way to big to get that far in there and no women or children were available at the time of install. When I finally heard the connectors snap together after fumbling about with the homemade coat hanger hooks for about an hour, I bet you could have heard my celebratory scream 3 houses down... "OH YEAH!!!!"
I did not opt for the lower temp sensor, and I'm glad that I didn't. When the fans do come on, they only stay on for about a minute then then turn back off, which is often enough time to get back moving at speed again. With only one fan, that time was much, much longer and the cooling effect was obviously nowhere near as good.
This represents the end of a pretty long quest for me to get the bike to run cooler in low-speed situations. I tried new pipes (FMF Q4 Ti), a better flowing rad guard, Engine Ice coolant, burping/bleeding, all to no avail. I wish I'd have done this first.
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