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Originally Posted by clicheche View Post
new data:

float bowl was bone dry. could this be related to non-starting issue?


the float needle was extremely tight in the jet, had to pull it with pliers. it was gunged up, but not around the point of the needle. the needle looks to be in pretty fair shape. is the needle supposed to rest on an o ring in the seat? because there wasn't one there.

The needle rests on the seat itself, but there may be an o ring or some other type gasket where the seat presses or screws into the carb body.

how could i have had a wet plug with a bone dry float bowl? (i had the choke engaged, and i kicked it many a time)

That is not a "CHOKE" it is an enrichener. It won't work if the carb is dry.
You may have a bad crank seal leaking trans fluid into the crankcase, or fif you really kicked it that much, the oil injection may have sent enough oij to make the plug wet.

3 more!
is kerosene an acceptable safe cleaner for carbs?

It is reasonably safe, but not really a good enough solvent to be real effective.

is the foam air filter to be oiled like most on this bike?

Yes. Over oiling could contribute to wet fouling, too.

could a leaking petcock be of issue? (in process of fixing it)

If it leaks and the fuel gets past the float valve, the fuel will overflow and can fill the engine with fuel (not good).

thanks for all the help everyone! immensely appreciated
Good luck.
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