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Originally Posted by Wallowa View Post

It has been asked many times but never answered...when, even in geologic time, can we expect to be able to purchase the compliment to the IICE?
Originally Posted by Happy Wanderer View Post

Ever since post #146 I've wondered how they might all work together in the real world.

Are the IICE Air, IICE Cool and IICE Smooth running on any bike anywhere?
Yes. There are several IICE Cools out there. JJ has a non-retail version say on his bike. Non-retail meaning it isn't as dressed up as the finished version would be. And not dressed up might be an understatement, heh heh.

The Smooth is working like a champ in testing. There are a range of parameters for the Smooth that JJ and I have discussed, and I'll need to evaluate them. That requires more elaborate test equipment beyond simple diagnostic tools. Other than bracketing the performance range of the data acquisition platform I haven't finished the instrumentation needed for that evaluation.

I haven't finished the instrumentation because the available time is rightly devoted to the IICE Air right now.

The answer to your question of 'How will they all work together?' will have to be the subject of another more detailed post


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