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Originally Posted by Bshelton View Post
Thats pretty judgmental, but I have to agree with them needing him. If it were anyone other than Suarez or Stevie G they would be gone. But they need those two players.
Hopefully we can bolster our squad in the summer and who knows, a good offer may come in for him. But other teams have stuck by players that have done worse than this.
Can't think of an example. Who did you have in mind? With Suarez, the problem is he's a seriously flawed man who repeatedly does stupid things. It's not a single incident, it's the accumulation. (If you say Terry, I'll remind you that the Bridge thing is not true. And he never bit anyone once, let alone twice. )

Suarez has three years to run on his contract. I think the "club of incredible values and ethics" will find itself embarrassed by him again. It seems inevitable. Again, I don't blame them for wanting to keep him. Most clubs would. I just have a problem with the hypocrisy of the club holding themselves up as beacons of morality when in fact they're no better than any other club.

You're a Liverpool fan? Don't forget about Raheem Sterling. If he can keep his head on straight he looks like he'll be a great player.

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