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Originally Posted by joexr View Post
Hey fritz. Got any pix from the races?
Here's the uncut set, all 305 of them:!i=2431647118&k=J9wddKX

What an event. For their second major event it was a spectacular show. Parking was no real problem, search went fast and without hassle, and without many of the grandstands that were there during the F1 race GA seats had a pretty good view. Food and drink were expensive but portions were as big as Texas! Minimum foot long hot dogs and corn dogs and tall boy beers. There were bands playing between races at a really good sounding amp theater. There were plenty of tables around, plenty of clean restrooms, and the crowd was friendly. Of course this is Texas we are talking about. There were more friggen Ducati's there than you could shake a multipoint stick at. There was some sort of owner event going on. Some really sweet bikes! At any bike event the attire is usually dominated by Harley stuff. Not at this race. One in twenty was not wearing Ducati colors! As a side, Ducati makes some very nice women's clothing.

The racing was stellar. Moto3 had a red flag with five laps remaining. The sprint to the end with all on new tires was a fight. Moto2 was a solid race. The GP, well what more could ask for? A twenty year old ties the record as the youngest to sit on the pole and then as if that was not enough, in only his second GP race he wins! Another record. This kid, Marc Marquez, is cool and smart. He waited till Dani's tires just started to go then made a clean pass. By this time they both had seven or more seconds on poor old Jorge running in third and Rossi was back in seventh or so. Dani fought back, hard, but to no avail. The Honda boys were barely able to control themselves. When the camera was on the pits the normally straight faced team was holding back smiles and tears. There they had both Hondas way out in front without any other challengers but themselves. And the Hondas looked good man! Real good! All shiny, in a blazing clear day, lapping the wavy course like mirror images.

We were in the grandstands at turn 15, row 4, section 23. we could see all of turns 15, 14, 13, and the bikes coming off the way long straight with just brief glimpses of other parts of the track. Seats in rows twenty or higher would have been better but we did have a big screen TV right in out face. Sure, we could have seen much more at home on TV but doing that would eliminate the electric shock wave of enthusiasm jolting the crowd of enthusiast at a great race like this. Oh what a feeling!

This bike, I saw it through the crowd and it drew me in like it was a magnet.

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