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Originally Posted by tat2 View Post
We were @ Turn 15, section 21. We had great time. Parking was fine ezcept for friday. We had lot G passes, however they stuck us out in M when G and F were closed. Not knowing why was the issue since there was no signage, but once we found out why (too muddy from rain) we were fine. Leaving sunday was fine since we waited after the rookie cup.

I liked you could bring as much sealed water with you as you could carry, but as mentioned more water fountains are needed. We walked all around and took in views from different areas during practices and found many great views.

Our biggest peeve was the timing. The on screen only updated once per lap when they crossed the line. The towers were even slower.
Lot G was only closed on Friday. You could park there on Sat/Sun. We did.

Really nice track, but not so good for spectating, but that is what you get for a safe track. You are really far from the track at pretty much all locations. It kinda sucked they kept you from the track part where they were doing over 200mph. They left that area to the big motorhome folks. Some stands or a way to get to the inside of the track at that point would be welcome.

I gotta say the motoGP bikes are more boring to watch than I expected. Nothing like they used to be. I've not paid any attention to motoGP for over 15 years. I guess the fancy electronics are to blame. Oh well. They sure do haul some ass.

It was fun, but not exciting to watch. They got to get rid of the electronic nannies IMO.
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