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You spew many words but say so little. So now you're a trained dynamometer operator? Care to elaborate on the "BS linked to dyno testing"?

So let's say I've got good peak output but if I add fuel power goes down. My CO is good but hydrocarbons are high. What's the next step?

BTW my 465 smokes little even when cold. Oil load is only part of the equation.

So what do you ride anyway? Besides a keyboard.

Dyno testing is certainly very helpful when it comes to setting up serious race bikes, which are properly maintained, and owned by riders who know what they are doing.

However for those who apparently are unable to grasp even very basic concepts related to engine set up and tuning, and ride play bikes which in most cases are poorly maintained, then dyno set up is to a large extent irrelevant.

In this thread much has been made of dyno testing carried out by Gordon Jennings some 40 years ago.

Today this has little relevance, other than from a historic perspective, and without exception play bike riders most of whom ride worn out old nails, would be well advised to run a lot less oil than serious competitors, which will provide cleaner pick up, increased power, and not quite so much smoke issuing from bikes being ridden at a snails pace.
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