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Originally Posted by voltz View Post
quick intro......been a member here for some time but have been away
from bikes in recent years.
having owned 2 XR600's in the past I bought myself another beast over 2
years ago and it has sat around since then (I have never ridden it )

Recently (in the last month) I have started purchasing the bits and pieces
to get back into riding again.

have been looking at buying a Zeta triple clamp but wanting to know
if anyone has used one with the Trail tech Vapour setup.
I have been searching mounting kits etc with no luck

Welcome along Geoff, let us all know what area you are from, and we all love to see photo's of XR's so get yours up here !

I have a Trail Tech Vapour and when going it worked well, once, then gave me nothing but basically intermittent operation after that. They have heaps of functions and I like that and the Tacho...How ever, they are not robust nor is the mount, I'm sure others have had luck with them, I've spend more time working on this element of the bike than anything else. I'm gonna look for a push bike speedo for it.

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