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Mark, I too have been following your trip for months now. And you are most certainly a HUGE inspiration. I haven't commented until now, but I want you to know how much I appreciate each update/post/photo. I, and I'm sure thousands of others lurking like I have been, live somewhat vicariously through your adventures.

I have been my mother's caregiver for the past two years until last week, when I finally had to place her in assisted living. It is terrible to witness the decline of a loved one to this disease. It certainly does take a toll on the caregiver also, as you must know only too well. But after a recent hospitalization, and the tremendous improvement that she made in rehab, I determined that it was in her best interests (and mine) to find a different solution.

An acquaintance whose wife is afflicted with Alzheimer's, when suggesting that I place my mother in an assisted living facility, put it this way; he said it's not what you are doing TO her, but rather what you are doing FOR her. I now agree, but I had to overcome guilt in stepping away from relinquishing her daily care somewhat.

And there is, I'm sorry to admit, mixed emotions besides guilt associated with caregiving-selfishness, resentment, among others.

But you sir, with your travels do provide hope and faith that a new day, yes even a new chapter, is ahead. I look forward to my own 2-wheel adventures. Keep up your good efforts, and safe travels. I salute you!
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