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Originally Posted by AlsoRan View Post
There are many to decide on but my top three "urgent" items would be:

1. AF-1 Re-flash

2. Skid plate to protect the oil filter - I went with SW Motech but there are several good ones.

3. Tires - ended up with K60's

Also, not urgent but someone suggested the Yamaha blinkers. If you don't like the originals these are an excellent replacement. Fits to bike with no hassles. Just make sure to buy a relay as well.
These are on my list... AlsoRan you are one of many who have recommended the AF-1 reflash. I did not realize it but I was in their dealership Saturday night. We were are the MotoGP race in Austin, and a friend who lives local invited us to the AF-1 after-party in downtown Austin. I did not put the two together until after I got there. Great party, and now wish I had put my ECU in my bag...
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