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LAMEinator rises again.

No bs Halfast. The new motor goes into the bike in the am. Patrick & Owen worked on the bike all day. Jr. went to Phoenix & got new rings. I picked them up in Camp Verde & got to Flag by 3:00 pm. By 5:00 a complete motor sat on the bench. Will post pics am of the completed bike.
When we examined the countershaft seal we discovered it was an after market piece of crap installed incorrectly. No wonder it failed. It made me realize two things. Never expect anything done by anyone before you will be OK. This is a well known lesson that must be repeated until finally learned. Two, our luck is still holding. It could have failed Sunday on the lake bed. That's why we're LAMEco. Still learning.
Co-Flounder of LAMEco. When & if I get to Heaven, I hope all my dogs are there and the first to greet me.
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