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Originally Posted by Mongle View Post
I've become what I hate...a throttle bliper! Help me stop the madness!

DR just started not wanting to idle down when coming to a stop. Quick blip of the throttle and it settles down. Thought throttle blade was sticking and figured after the first time that would be it. Nope. I even tried using the push/pull on the throttle and it wont idle down. Blip works every time... WTF?

Going to pull the carb off and give it a good cleaning. Any suggestions on a probable cause?

I swear I will sell the f*!@er if I have to blip the throttle all the time
I forgot ... are you running the stock BST40 Carb? If so ... PM Derek.
My old Carb did the same ... slide/Jet needle was worn out (apparently).
I just bought a whole new Carb. This might be it, not certain, but when the slide and Jet needle begin to wear you can get off idle stumble and stalling going down to idle. YMMV.

Just a thought.
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