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Still at it...

I have done a lot of adaptations lately. Reused the old front fender as an inner rear fender, mounted CDI a Regulator on it. Took a long time to find a K&N that had the angel I needed to not hit the seat bottom. Covered the seat in the Husqvarna Blue of that year (1983). Received my white plastic tank from Clarke, got my new front fender, handle bars and turn signals (eBay is wonderful!). Finished my Chain guides - what a magic in imagination that was. Then I wrapped my exhaust - from muffler connection on, and found a BAD measurement! I have to do that all over again (right rear shock rubbed). But, I just got lucky - I think. I found a site that is like eBay for China, or something (Ali Express). They had a Yashimura muffler set-up for $55 bucks! Yes, they messed up, and I took total advantage of it! photo WithWhiteTank_zps88384cbe.jpg
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