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Need some help from you guys , I have a 13 500 exc and the front end is shaky as hell at higher speeds . Feels like I need a damper , the front end gets real loose and feels like it wants to tank slap me at any moment . Any help from you guys would be greatly appreciated , I have searched on here and nothing has come up . I'm trying to keep from having to put a damper on but if that is what it takes so be it .

First you need to have your suspension adjusted for your weight and riding style.
Including having the right springs front and rear. The tire pressures correct and
have checked the steering head bearing for play.

Then start adjusting the forks in the triple clamps.
If you get ahead of your self and don't do the basics first
you can find solutions that are less than optimal.

It's possible that you will not be able to have the suspension
work perfectly in all conditions.

I'm just starting to work through the suspension on a new 500xcw
But on my 690 e I could get the bike to work well at speed on the road
but with those settings it was hideous in the sand washesIi'm riding in S,Az.

Thanks everyone for the advise , I will start with the springs front and rear . What tire pressure are you all generally running in the front ?
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