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My how quickly time flys in life... Time is closing and things have changed some orig my plans were july for my nephews wedding so since my brother in law is getting married 2 days prior now this trip is postponed till august which i am a little bummed about for 2 reasons first i feel like i am being a slacker and not commiting to the original plan but cant be in 2 places at once and 2 because i turn 30 and feel just getting older (not wiser) and lazy i will do the trip but now i think i am going to take time and enjoy it as in 4 days across doing it in aug would allow me. That in july it would be too rush. Thoughts? All the IBA guys i have talked to agree that it is better plan since. Everything else is in place. I feel like so much is changed from talking to guys who have done it and the wisdom from everyone following
agenda is below
Pack light. Tent, sheet rain gear limit for my self is side cases full thats it
Relax and have fun

Locations will be in the south the route is alot of highway to cover ground fast than up the east coast
Stop 1 first night is dallas
Stop 2 north carolina not the coast more on TN border hopeing on this but have
Stop 3 a camp ground on a beach this will be a short day 450 miles max
Stop 4 philly pa probally around night fall

I allso found a 1 gallon exterior tank that links to the inner tank anyone try this? Also due to heat dealer suggest oil cooler thoughts?
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