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Originally Posted by leo_jb View Post
SFMCJohn - That photo looks awesome! I was just down that way a couple of weeks ago, but nothing I rode on was as cool looking as the trail in that photo. Care to post tracks?
Hi leo_jb,

It's the BLM land in Panoche Hills ... closed now for fire season between April and October ... no tracks, I'm still a map luddite ... It is a fairly small area, used mostly by guys who want to shoot guns, and by wildflower viewers, during a good wildflower year ... oh, and to graze sheep ...

Originally Posted by woodsxr View Post
Nice pictures.
Good to know my BRP would fit in the group.
Is that camp site at Panoche Hills? I didn't know it was out there.
Is it near Mercy Hotsprings?
I've been across that road coming across from hwy 49 a few times but it has been over 10 years since the last run.
Hi woodsxr,
You'd be the bad-ass on the kick-start BRP ...

The Airstream is Hollister Hills ... the campsites in the linked photos are at Mercey Hot Springs and the Carrizo Plains ... the BLM land in the riding photo is near Mercey Hot Springs ...

Originally Posted by r3r3r View Post
I know that this conversation has been had before, but I thought that the Panoche Hills were off limits to motorcycles, quads, etc. (open only to cars/trucks on existing roads). Has something changed?

Perhaps a plated bike is not considered as a motorcycle in Panoche Hills?
Originally Posted by Fasttrak View Post
I see a license plate on that last bike in the pic, if it is ok for cars and trucks I guess it is ok for all plated vehicles. I know some of the roads around\through CC were opened up, just not positive which ones and the last time I went through there it wasn't like any of the trails I saw running off the main road had "closed" signs on them. Was too chicken to do any of the trails off the main road, last thing I needed was another ticket from big brother.

Hi r3r3r and Fasttrak,

I've heard that Panoch Hills was closed to bikes, too ... most BLM and National Forest areas I'm familiar with, when they say "no motorcycles" they really mean "no dirtbikes" ... we stay on established roads and have not had a problem, but YMMV ...

They are going to go to some crazy permit/day-limit-per-year thing in Clear Creek ... not sure about the wonderful county roads thrugh Clear Creek, I'm getting the impression the BLM is going to grab them and "close" them to the through-riding I've done there over the years ...

Supporting my motorcycle/dirtbike confusion hypothesis, however, is the fact that the BLM uses the phrase "registered vehicles" in their most recent Clear Creek plans ... as in "only registered vehicles may use established routes" ... in other words, no OHVs ... so, if I have a plate, I can go anywhere a jeep can go on BLM land.

It was ever thus ... my old time dirt bike buddies love to tell me how they rode all over the Bay Area on their dirt bikes ...

see you around the campfire,
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