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Originally Posted by pluric View Post

Yamaha had the pre order on FJRs. You couldn't even see one. I bought strickly on the reports
of others who had tried it. Ended up with a first genereration and 2nd generation.

I did not pre order a Tenere because after 8 years of a V Strom I thought I was done with large
dual sports. Then the reports start coming in about how much the owners enjoyed the bike.

I called the dealer and asked him to let me know if one was ever on floor to see before the
pre order buyer picked it up. He had a buyer back out and I bought it on the spot. I did get to
sit on it. Now one of my all time favorite bikes.

The OP said he had to drive 6 hours to test some of the bikes. Twelve hour round trip.
So throw a hotel room in, food, gas, time and the amount of bikes suggested for him to
try and it gets a little silly.

I agree in a perfect world it would be nice if we all could have a day to test ride bikes of
interest. When it just not practical listen close to what the owners have to say.
I'm not trying to argue, but I guess the point is that we are all different and place different priorities on different aspects of the bikes and ownership. I would wait until I was able to ride a bike before buying. It's not important to me to get one of the first bikes. It's great that yours ended up being a favorite.

Again, 12 hrs is not silly at all, nor a 'perfect world'. Geez, I'll spend 12 hours at my local dealer - only a slight exaggeration... And, in those circumstances where local dealers didn't allow test rides (generally the Japanese brands), I have been able to reach out to owners whom offered up their bikes - owners whom I had previously not met.
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