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Originally Posted by Bshelton View Post
I know Liverpool has plenty of great youth players, but they dont play well consistently. As for players who have been as bad/worse than Suarez : Keane, Rooney, Terry, Pepe, Cantona to name a few
They're all bad boys, I grant you that. But none of them is in the class of Suarez. He's a serial offender.

Let's not forget that punch he threw at a Chilean player last international break. That dust-up is still being adjudicated and he may be facing an international ban as well as a domestic one.

The way this looks to be shaking out, he'll stay at Liverpool and possibly not play again this season.

I reckon all this nastiness may cut a few years off the end of his career,. When he's older and loses a step, clubs will have less incentive to tolerate his behavior.

ps If anyone in the United States was wondering on which channel Real Madrid-Dortmund is airing, it's on FX on Wednesday.

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