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So, a quick note on food: I really have to hand it to the maniacs I traveled with on the food front. My idea of traveling food is Cliff bars, a gallon Camelback, and stopping for burritos. In the light of various culinary rumors coming from my fellow riders, I stepped up my game with veggie sausages (sausages will be a theme here), and some onions and mushrooms for shish kebabs. I completely neglected to bring any sort of spices, including salt. Jeremy's R6 has no space, and he came up from Fresno, so he was at the mercy of my dubious food choices.

The rest of the gang? Not so much.

Wayli's better half works at an organic, free-range butcher shop and tends to, ah, bring her work home. So Wayli showed up with what must have been a two foot coil of fresh sausage, bound straight for the grill.

Elizabeth, not to be outdone, popped off with a whole stack of different kinds of sausages that she lugged down in her massive panniers, AND a bag of marshmallows, AND chocolate.

Walter McScooterman opened the topbox of his landyacht and busted out a six pack of stout, a huge bottle of cider, a container of rabbit stew, another container of vegetable curry that we never even managed to get into, and a flippin' mousse cake. I shit you not, this man dragged a home-baked, jiggly, chocolatey, melty, utterly decadent torte from San Francisco to Big Sur, on the twistiest roads we could find, and made it without harming a single chocolate curl on the thing.

I've never felt so inadequate in my life.

So to all of you a lesson: If one of your companions says "Hey, I'm gonna bring this... oh, and someone should bring that... I will... ooh, and I've got this idea..." just stand back, shut your mouth, and if at all possible throw money at them. It's worth it.
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