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Originally Posted by Farkleberry View Post
Now I'm worried. That's where I take my bike. What's wrong with the service?
I admit to my share of blame in this tale -- I requested a goodwill replacement of a known bad part (MFG knows this part fails, it's part of the DOT required safety equipment, they have a redesigned part) -- and the service dept. said "OK, yeah, we'll submit the warranty claim to the MFG.".

Weeks turn into months, I don't hear anything. So I call. They say "Oh, yeah, didn't you get the email? We need pictures." So I send them pictures. Yet more weeks turn into yet more months. I call again. They tell me they need the pictures again. So I send them again. Weeks turn into months AGAIN and I don't hear anything, so I call. They say that the "duplicate request" has been denied because the first request was fulfilled already. WTF? So, now I don't have the part, and the MFG thinks I already received one.

This is a $400 part, so I went to Scuderia to find out WTF, and they declined to "rat out" another dealer, and suggested I take it up again with them.

I absolutely should have been more persistent, and kept them on a much shorter leash. BUT, imho... I should HAVE to keep my vendors on any kind of leash, they should be proactive in contacting me when IMPORTANT SHIT happens, like the MFG declining my warranty claim.
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