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Originally Posted by jwalters View Post
Hi Guys, I hope you don't mind me hijacking/reviving an old thread.

Quick question for you TC90/TC100 owners. On the carb, there is a fuel line and another (what appears to be) vacuum line on the side of the carb that goes into the crank somewhere. The PO of my bike has long since removed the oil res and oil injectors, so it's premix only now. I have a feeling that mysterious vacuum line was for the oil injection system, but I'm not sure. Can someone confirm this? Instead of capping it at the carb, the PO left the hose on the bike and capped it near where the old oil tank sat. Of course, the hose has dry rotted now, and I think I'm getting an air leak through this hose. Unfortunately, I'm not home to confirm my theory just yet, so I thought I'd see what the internet has to say about it first! Thanks!
suzuki used an oil injection system named cci, crankcase injection, on these bikes. it oiled the main bearings directly. it is not a good idea to convert these to premix.
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