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I finally got mine to start again yesterday, after a long winther inactive.

Had to use a trailer to get it home after the last trip in the autumn, and as it was snowing I havent bothered to try to figure it out very intensly - my garage is not heated. I decided straight away it looked like a pump/filter issue, and decided to start by changing both and get some proper fuel hose in there at the same time.

This is where the first nightmare started... I think I made 50 phonecalls trying to source some SAE30R10 compliant submersible fuell hose, first in Norway then in Europe. No luck. Most people didnt have a clue to what I was talking about ("surely you can use 30R6 submergedm it's designed to withstand fuell"). Readily available, if a bit expencive in the US, it's simply not possible to get here. Lots of US dealers online, none of whom I found that both had the right hose in stock AND were willing to ship to Europe.

In the mean time I had the injector cleaned, and even if it wasnt completely cloged, it by no means produced the nice fine mist it should.

In the end I emailed James Renazco, and he helped me by ordering the hose for me in the US and then mailing it to me. That's what I call custommer service

Thanks James!

Anyway, got it all together yesterday, and hooked up TuneECU.

"Failure in ambient pressure sensor, or sensor short to gorund" (from memory).. anyone seen that before? couldnt find any reference to it at all. In the end, I changed the plug and away it went.... Spoke to a norwegian KTM mecanic and he had spent a full two days figuring that code out before he tried that.

Anyway, in the end it started. Now it's back out to refit all the stuff that have been stripped in the process, cleaning properly and just maybe a small testflight

BTW, the insulation on the wires from the alternator to the coil were almost burnt through by the exhaust, worth checking for everyone I guess.

Team F5
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