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Originally Posted by davey1212 View Post
I will be monitoring this very closely as on the same day, 7th May 2013, I will be flying to New York and picking the same bike as you, Toger 800xc, on the 8th from customs. I will then be riding east to west accross the States & Canada to Alaska where I will start the Pan American to Tierra Del Fuego.
Obviously I am interested in the mods to your bike and how it will fare on your journey.......I had never heard of those pre-filters and have e mailed Uniflow to see if one can be shipped in time. I have put a larger sprocket on the front to see if it will increase the MPG and will let you know.

At some point I will also try to have a thread on this forum but am a technophobe so not as savvy as you younger guys !!

Hope the prep goes well and have a great trip.
Wow you're in for one hell of a trip You won't want to come back from's life as it should be. When you're thread is up can you PM me the details because I'd love to hear about it.

It's interesting you've gone for a larger sprocket, but I guess that makes sense because you'll have long stretches of open road and economy will be more important than pulling power. I've done the opposite and dropped the front to a 15T because of the weight and pillion and because we're planning as much offroad as possible. I don't know if it's the new sprocket or the full service I've done to it (battery, chain, sprocket, spark plugs...that sort of thing) but the bike feels like it's brand new. I imagine the sprocket would have dropped the mileage but I'll let you know.

I've also changed my crash bars over to the SW Motech ones to protect the radiator, tank and plastics a bit more. I was using the genuine Triumph bars and those things are like a rock but I couldn't risk taking a hit to the radiator with all the extra weight on the bike. The missing bolt is where it attaches to the frame as opposed to the engine mounts.

A nice British bike

Good luck in your travels and keep us posted!

Originally Posted by oliwoof View Post
Hi Craig

Best of luck with the journey, good mod with the airfilter. Are you taking an intercom? Doesn't work for some couples but we always use one when out on the bike together. You write well, should be a good read! See you soon in the Pyrenees:)
Hi Phil, thanks for tuning in You know first hand how much of a bother it was to change the filter so I ordered that as soon as I got back from Morocco from an aussie company. We thought about an intercomm but we figured that money would be better spent on the I like having my own head space when I'm riding. We've settled for code instead. one tap is "i'm ok", two taps is "let's stop" and lots of rapid stops with some expletives generally means I'm going too fast and I'm going to hear about it at the next stop anyway - If I had the intercomm I would hear about it twice
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