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Originally Posted by iDave View Post
If, in the future, either Nick or Kelsey comes to me and says, "Dad, I'm leaving on an adventure and I don't know when I'll be back," I'll have you to blame and thank .


The last thing Ann said to me when I finished today, was,

"Please tell Mark 'Thank You' for everything he's doing on behalf of the Alzheimer's disease." I gave her a huge smile, and assured Ann, I would.
Dave- it was a pleasure to see you and Julie and your part of your family!!! If your kids go traveling that would be great


My heart goes out to Ann and Paul as they know first hand how difficult Alzheimer's Disease is. The emotional pain of watching your loved one be devastated by this disease, and not being able to do anything to solve it. It takes a toll on everyone in the family. I used to have people ask me all the time "does Chris recognize you?" . and my answer was always (I do not know, But I recognize her and I love her" one of the best complements I ever received was a woman that came to the Care Home Chris was in (She had Brain cancer but was very lucid for a short time). One day I arrived, like every other day, and she said, "Mark, when you arrive Chris glows" Staying engaged with your loved one does make a difference!!

Please Tell Ann and Paul the next time you see them. Big hugs from Me!
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