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Originally Posted by THRASHED View Post
Thanks. I started thinking about it on the way home and checked both stock suggested pressure and max on the tires. The tag on the fender says 22rear/18 front for stock. Max on the Trail Wing tires is 33, on the Kenda 270s 40.
I too, run low pressure in the dirt. About 18 on the rear and 17 on the front. I don't know what kind of terrain you run in, but I usually see a lot of sharp rocks. I like the feel of the lower pressure but don't want to go down lower to help prevent pinch flats.
All that said, I bumped up the rear to 30 and the front to 27. After dinner I'll take it for a spin. I've been having a little freeway wiggle lately at about 65. I installed a fender stiffener yesterday and it seems to have helped a lot. I have a feeling that increasing the air a bit might get me the rest of the way.

Just came back from a run. Much more stable on the street and corners with much more confidence. On the freeway it's still a little squirrely at around 70. Of course even the mild knobs on the Kenda's aren't really meant for freeway driving. Bumped the pressure up to 35 rear and 33 up front. We'll see what happens tomorrow.

Ultimately, I'll be buying a set of rims so I can swap out tires easier.
you'll wear out the center strip a lot faster at high (over 27) pressures. lower pressure around 15-18 will wear the tire evenly.
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