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Originally Posted by Bluebull2007 View Post
Put yourself in his shoes...You have a yr old kid, fanily life is becoming more important and your job is high stakes and high risk. What are your chances of winning again, this time on another bike? Would you risk it? What happens if you don't win the next Dakar (for whatever reason...) - will you be written off?

Or do you bow out while the going is good and maybe move into a buggy with Al Attiyah or something else? You still have your name, you are no longer expected to be the lead dog...the pressure is off and you can learn a new vehicle.

I'm not saying he will NOT go over to Honda, but its almost the middle of the year and there is no sign of Despres.....

I think if he is not with Honda, he may be into something else altogether.
It's possible but it takes a very big competitor to resist the lure of remaining on top. Not many have the right mindset to hang it up at the very pinnacle of a career. A change in family life could be that driver.

I would be disappointed to see Despres move to buggies. To see him move from the quintessential factory team to a half baked privateer buggy would just be wrong in my opinion. The way I see it, there is almost no competition in the car segment. A few identity challenged mini's racing each other and Robby chasing from a completely separate class. Quite frankly, at this past Dakar, I paid almost no attention to the cars at all. Without another big team jumping in, I don't see much attraction to make the move unless Peterhansel moves on to trucks and leaves an open spot at the top for Despres.

No matter what happens, I don't think we'll ever see Despres back on a KTM. I think that bridge is nothing but smoldering embers at this point.
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