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Thanks for the input Willis. I've had other 2 strokes that also suffered from PO's removing the oil injectors. As you say, it's detrimental to the crank and other engine internals. Unfortunately, the PO did the modification, so I'll keep scouring Ebay for an oil tank (or make one). I think I"m just going to tear this engine down this summer fall and start from scratch.

Of course, now I'm wondering if the cracked oil lines coming off the oil injector aren't causing a crank case leak.... Mmm. I need to get my intake adapter made, so I can use my Motion Pro leakdown test to confirm. Thanks ya'll.

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suzuki used an oil injection system named cci, crankcase injection, on these bikes. it oiled the main bearings directly. it is not a good idea to convert these to premix.
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