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Originally Posted by srad600 View Post
So the race from 2nd place back was amazing, I was unhappy seeing Vettel walk away at the front, but I would be unhappy seeing anyone walk away at the front.
To be fair, that was the strategy that Red Bull had decided for Vettel. 3 stops, push hard, extend your lead gap enough to stay in the lead when pitting. Other teams running a 2 stop strategy could not afford to push as hard and wear tires as quickly.

It worked for Red Bull this week. The week before, the tire strategy they chose in Shanghai didn't prove as successful.

Let's imagine for a moment that Vettel could not quite get a 22 second lead gap; he'd have to fight for position when re-entering the field, use up yet more tire, etc. It does not always work in Red Bull's favor, the strategy they choose, but it did this time.
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