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4-23-13 Update

Sorry I have been away for a while as some of the idiocy on the web gets overwhelming. (no one on this post BTW)
So I have been riding the bikes quite a bit and I thought I would give an update. I am almost to 8000 miles on the WR and 1500 on the CRFL. The mileage should be an indicator of the better bike.
So the WR is still the best bike out there as far as I'm concerned. It is not the best at everything but I love it. It is the only bike I have or had that I have no desire to sell or replace with something "better". I have done very few mods and this thing is just great the way I have it now. There is nothing I would change.
I installed A new chain and Renthal gears as the original was way past due at 6800 miles. I did a non o-ring gold chain with a 13-46 combination. WHAT A TRANSFORMATION! Wow! This made the bike ride so much better off road and yet I can still ride at the sweet spot speed of 72mph. I noticed no difference in MPG which still hovers around 55-60. I put a new chain slider on this morning as the original was toast. This is one problem with the bike. The chain tension on the WR is a hard thing to get right. I have found it best to take loose the rear links and cycle the suspension. The point where the wheel is straight with pivot is the tightest. Adjust the chain at this point to be just a little loose. Then with the link installed take your measurement using the pull down method and measure from a reference point. On my bike with the new gearing it in a moderate pull down force with a measurement of 2" at the back of the bottom of the chain slider. I have the Hennry Reed bend EVO bars with Cycra hand guards. Right now I am running the bald stock front tire with my third rear tire. This time it is a T-63. Which by the way is a great tire not as good at the trial tire in wet road conditions but way faster. I have about 2500 miles on it and have about 3/32" tread in the middle. It is almost gone but I take them down to nothing. I have a skid plate on the bike, a Fast_______ something but can't remember. It is beat to hell and was well worth the $100 it cost.
On to the CRFL. So far the only mods to this bike are my lowering mod that I posted about earlier, renthal bars, Cycra hand guards and the taillight mod. It has cost me nothing other than an oil change. It is cheap and problem free. With that said, I am sorry but this bike is a joke. The more we ride it the more we dislike it. There isn't much wrong with it but damn, it just doesn't do much of anything for us. My wife doesn't like it and I can't stand to ride it. She wants a Ninja 300 for the street and a CRF150R for the woods. The other day we were riding deep in the Shawnee Forest. There were creek crossings, mud pits, 2' deep washouts that you had to wheelie over, and down logs. Lindsay kept dropping the CRFL. At on point I watched her try to wheelie the front end over a washout and she few over the bars. I could tell she was getting frustrated. So jokingly I asked her to switch. Keep in mind that she can't even tiptoe on the WR. To my surprise she agreed. Five minutes into the ride I was doing everything I could to stay vertical while she was on my ass. We rode the 10 miles of trail home like this. On many times she rode through areas with no problem that she had previously had issue. When we got home she pulled in the driveway and dropped the WR right on the concrete. I said sorry I guess I shouldn't of had you ride that and she was like, "If I could touch your would never see this bike again as it would be mine". "It makes everything so easy. It is so smooth."
I know that this is off road but there is the same unsure unsettling feeling about the CRFL. I would buy a used WR over a New or used CRFL any day of the week. For the record. I would not ever buy a CRFL again. With that said it will work. It will get you from point A to point B. It will do it at a low cost. However, it will do it with little joy and excitement. Isn't that the reason we ride. Don't try and trade joy and excitement for 1500 bucks. It just isn't worth it. Buy the WR
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