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I can't say enough about the Rekluse EXP auto clutch. After the suspension upgrade from SPS and tires, it's right up there with the Scotts steering damper as the upgrade that had the greatest impact on my Dirty Dak's off road ability.

Never having to feather the clutch or stalling in the tight technical stuff is pure bliss.
Really? Greatest impact on you? Or the bike? I know they work well (a friend has one in his 08 KLR) and I'm not going to bash the product, but for myself if I took away the necessity of using my clutch it would make riding boring... Sure, easy is better, sometimes, for some people. I just could never bring myself to do it on any bike, lol! It would be like modifying my soul... Riding more technical stuff more often makes a rider better at riding, not an auto clutch. It doesn't make the bike any better either, it just becomes a safety net imho. I know, to each their own and as I said, not bashing anyone or Rekluse in anyway. Just expressing what I prefer,
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