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BigTodd's RR Part 2 - Browneye

What a fun day for a California Adventure Ride. Weather was great, we covered 230 miles, even a little dirt, saw some brand new stuff.

I've been over Angeles Crest a few times, but never on the north side, and always rode it up from La Canada or Sunland.

We left Yorba Linda about 8:30 and met Bill (conteacher) at the 138 cutoff on the 15. Then out toward Wrightwood, and wouldn't you know it, 5 miles out the hiway is closed. WTF??

Here's our little group at the bottom of Big Rock Creek Road. We look lost, don't we??

At Devils Punchbowl. I gotta take ol'lady for a ride and go back there and to the Little Rock Reservoir. Way nice and hardly anyone there at either stop.

And BigTodd ordering a dam-beer. LOL

Burgers were good with an ice-cold beer. The place looks like a throw-back from the 40's. The caretaker there said the road used to go all the way up to Angeles Crest but now it's closed off. There are a couple of campgrounds up that way as well, everything closed for some toad or something. Our state/national forest service at work.

Currently the dam and reservoir are open during the day, but they are thinking of allowing some campers in, maybe some RV and/or tent camping. Apparently there are bass and trout in the lake.

While we were there a group of HOG riders rolled in. They were a friendly bunch, out with their wives for the day, and were all gaga over our adventure bikes. I told the one guy on the Dyna lowrider I would trade him.

I was glad I installed my road tires back on, we burned off some rubber doing twisties up there. Loads of fun, passed a bazillion cars. I was on fumes by the time we got to La Canada.

Here's our visitor from NJ on his Tenere with his 'service trainee' dog. Had a nice conversation with him. He said he had put 40K miles on that bike in the past year.

Surfing here yesterday I think I came across his thread, "Sallydog":

Thanks for a great day on the bike guys!
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