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Chain is fine

Originally Posted by edevus View Post
... what makes me wonder is that BMW considered as top brand in ADV touring we still have to modify it....of course some do it as hobby others feel it necessary( like i am finding about the seat, LOL)having said that, I get to thinking if i should really change chain, sprockets,bearings. its BMW the top of the line and if i should/must change all these parts, then its not top of the line or is it???
My first chain on a 2009 model lasted 26k miles. Some folks got a recall for the chain, but mine was fine and I don't think there's been a recall since. I wouldn't bother changing chain or sprockets for a trip on mainly roads. You might pack along a spare countershaft sprocket, since they wear out first and keeping the sprockets in good shape prolongs chain life. As others have said, bike protection and comfort are the biggies for this bike. And some knowledge of how to maintain and fix the beast.

Not sure if anyone mentioned tools. You'll need a bunch since it comes with next to nothing. There's a thread around here somewhere that beats the subject to death. One thing I tried recently that works great for breaking the bead on a tire when you have a flat is Motion Pro's BeadPro.

You've got a great bike...enjoy the ride!
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