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Originally Posted by RuggedExposure View Post
My rant wasn't directed at you, as I haven't seen any posts of yours debating the future of the bike. Pull out your reading glasses grandpa and get with the program.

If you believe the Union reps at Husqvarna, they have been told the production will stop 8-1-13.

Between the two Husqvarna threads and 3,000 posts, mainly telling each other how great the bike is, you can stand a bit of reality.

If you are aware of what is likely to happen and want the bike, buy it. If you can't change a tire maybe it is not the bike for you. Do you have something against full disclosure?

The major differences between the G650 and the Huskey models is piston, cams, head, plastics and software. All but software and plastics, should be interchangeable with a gs650 in a pinch.

Pierer has said he will honor the 10 year parts "law". You won't find that law in the US. It is most likely a trade agreement under the auspices of the World Trade organization. It is civil law, I see no reason to not believe Pierer, but you won't have any recourse as an individual, if he does not honor it.

My dealer was not aware of price reductions. I got the feeling that is only for dealers chosen to continue the Husqvarna line. The others will eat their stock. There could be dealers forced out because dealerships usually come with territory and do not overlap.

Pierer is majority owner of KTM though holding Huskey privately. KTM may make demands on dealers. They did so with mine.
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