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Originally Posted by KC-10ENG View Post
Anyone ever have a rear brake lock up on them??

I just got back from a 2-day ride and everything was fine. I unloaded the bike at a friends house and rode home approx. 2 miles. By the time I got home the rear brake was locked almost to the point that I could not move the bike. Rear brake lever had zero travel in the driveway. I had to bleed the rear brake to get the bike rolled into the garage.

Any in-sight into this problem would be great.

Please indicate which year bike you have and if you have changed out the stock lever or not.

The stock brake lever setup uses a bushing for a pivot..the early bikes were just metal and the later were plastic. This area gets full of dust/dirt/mud etc and the pedal starts to bind. So you use the pedal and it actually sticks on...this in turn heats up the brake rotor, pads, and fluid and causes the fluid to boil. So when your pedal pops back the system is cooked and you have a floppy pedal.

Thats my guess
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