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float bowl needle replacement

Hi folks,
Been reading along and learning some new things to look out for on my newly acquired XR400. Got it running Sunday after some fiddling and cleaning the carbs out. Think I need a new sator rewind or Ricky's Stator since we had to resort to pushing to get it going the first time after winter hibernation. Always been a little hard to start since top end rebuild.
My question is, Can I replace the float bowl needle and floats with the carb still on the bike? Would probably require setting float height while on the bike too. Not sure if this is possible. It's a bear to carb off and on but its leaking like a stuck pig when the fuel is on so somethings gotta be done. Flooding may be affecting starting too?

Any advise is appreciated. I'll get some picks up once get this sorted.
Riding Pachaug this Saturday.
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