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Not to beat a dead horse or anything. I just found it interesting as if you look back through the first few post of this long term review you would see that my opinion was much like yours. Then progress to the middle few post we start to form a different opinion. Which brings us to this current posting and the differences. My point is, with new riding experiences and changes in demand, different traits become more desirable perhaps.
Which that said Cheap is CHEAP! No way around that one.

Originally Posted by BlueLghtning View Post
We actually went back and forth on buying a used WRR for my wife also before the CRF and I told her that with one setup for more her ergonomics, she might like it more that she liked riding mine with as tall as it is and setup for me. With the vast height differences between us, there's no way I'd be comfortable on her bike or her comfortable on mine. We also knew that at 5'4", we were going to have to do a heck a lot of lowering on the WRR to get it down to her height and we thought we'd be closer off with the CRF not too far off. I haven't ever tried to lower a WRR, so it might lead to better lowering and certainly its been a popular bike to be lowered since its so tall. Who knows, maybe in the end a lowered WRR might have fit her pretty well too, but at this point, I know I'm not talking her out of the CRF.
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