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Originally Posted by bk brkr baker View Post
Yeah, I went , had a blast, refused to overpay for drinks or food at the track , got by on my carried in water and some tomales from a vendor.
As has been said the track is awesome and I rarely use the word. I expected some carnage at Turn One , it just looked like trouble to me, glad it didn't hang up the racers.
I agree that not all was perfect , it never is.
My buddy and I tend to see opportunities where others see problems.
Such as almost none of the parking people had radios. We buzzed by the guy at the entrance to Tunnel 2 to get into the interior parking in the Honda lot where we parked all 3 days having never spent a dime on parking. We also availed ourselves of some fine seats in the Honda Grandstand for the Moto 2 and Moto GP races by the head-down and move with cover method. In fact for all 3 days I never had a ticket ripped or even asked to show.
Don't try these methods yourself, results may vary.
So did I. I saw only one rider go down on T1. The weight shift at the crest at full lean would have had me skeeered. I really got an appreciation for it when I went down to the grandstand area and saw the bikes flying up to T1.
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