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Wow, these guys are fast
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Originally Posted by Vandal 62 View Post
Two corrections, first I highlighted the wrong versahaul, that one is rated at 500lbs, second I thought I had a class 3 hitch, but indeed it is a class 4.

The versahaul VH-sport RO can hold 600lbs.

Anyone haul anything bigger than a dirtbike with one of these?
The guy I bought my Versahauler from told me he regularly carried his sport bike to the track with it, I believe it was a GSXR1000, might have been a 600, but essentially the same weight.

I can't remember what type of vehicle he used it with.

He told me it was the model designed to haul heavy street bikes.

I use it to haul my 125 dirt bike, its about 205 lbs. Hooked up to my F250, I can't even tell its back there.

I love it.

Not sure I would be comfortable hauling a street bike with it, but the previous owner was.

And yes, mine is heavy, a pain in the butt for one out of shape person to install, but not the end of the world. -Ed
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