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True, and that may end up being our biggest dislike also as time goes on. There's no way around the fact the Honda is definitely cheaper built and its not hard to see side by side with the WRR. Honda's playing a gamble with that low price point hoping to pull people away from the more expensive bikes, but there might be a point where that backfires on them. I guess it just depends on how well we can protect it with guards and go from there. A dual sport that doesn't crash well gets expensive quickly over time.

BTW, we bought our CRF used and already slightly beat up, so my wife dropping it isn't hurting my feelings too bad.

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Not to beat a dead horse or anything. I just found it interesting as if you look back through the first few post of this long term review you would see that my opinion was much like yours. Then progress to the middle few post we start to form a different opinion. Which brings us to this current posting and the differences. My point is, with new riding experiences and changes in demand, different traits become more desirable perhaps.
Which that said Cheap is CHEAP! No way around that one.
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