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Originally Posted by larryboy View Post
Sometimes taking a stand is the right thing to do...damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!!
"They fought back to back and picked each other up and fought again. At noon Rawlins could not chew.
They are going to kill us, he said.
John Grady mashed beans in a tin can with water till he'd made a gruel out of it and pushed it at Rawlins.
You listen to me. Dont you let em think they aint goin to have to. I intend to make em kill me. I wont take nothin less ... "

Ha. All in good fun ... apologies to Cormac McCarthy ...

So. Let's Ride! Who's going to Hollister on April 26, 27 or 28th? Who's going to be in Stonyford for the Sheetiron on Friday, May 17th?

BAARC forever!

see you around the campfire,
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