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If we can believe the list compiled by Business Book GP and published on, Webber makes a little more than double that figure at current exchange rates: 10 million euro, no less. Same as Vettel.

However another source has claimed they are each eligible for 1M euro bonuses for each win (and less for lesser placings). IIRC Webber won twice last year. So that's about $15 million, plus placings, plus endorsements.

They must like his telemetry at Red Bull. Or he has pictures they don't want us to see.
Good catch. Yes, I quoted one of the lower figures I found and there are lots higher. I suspect he's at $20M US or so with everything factored in. Not too shabby. Of course there are some drivers who make essentially nothing and/or are required to bring sponsorship of their own too, so not every driver is making a killing.

As a tangent, it was interesting to see the old Weber in the last race.... the widest car in the paddock. I'm not in favor of lots of penalties, but I've never seen a race with so much wild swerving to block. This is a wreck waiting to happen.

- Mark
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